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Smartzy™ | Portable Laptop Stand

$39.99 $75.00 saving $35.01
Smartzy™ | Portable Laptop Stand

Smartzy™ | Portable Laptop Stand

$39.99 $75.00 saving $35.01

Being comfortable while working has always been the goal.

Stay up to date on emails & video calls comfortably on your Tablet or Laptop with the classy Modern & Adjustable Portable Stand.

This convenient, flip-open stand remains discreetly hidden when not in use. It's thinner and more ergonomic than any traditional laptop stand. Just open it when you're using your computer and fold it away when you finish working.

The stand is made of Aluminum alloy and its surface is covered with silicone sheets which help to hold your laptop/tablet in a stable position.

It is adjustable into several positions to suit your seating position whilst giving your hands and back total comfort.

It has a proven effect in helping you maintaining a correct posture and for this reason, it prevents you from feeling discomfort and pain due to an extended time of work with the laptop/tablet.


ROBUSTMade of aluminum with silicone edges to ensure maximum strength and safety;

LIGHT AND PORTABLE Thanks to our new technology you can comfortably carry this product with you wherever you go;

UNIVERSAL DESIGNCompatible with most computers such as MacBook Pro/Air, Dell, Asus, Razer, HP, and many others;

NON-SLIP DESIGN - With non-slip silicone pads, the stand prevents the laptop from scratches and slipping.

SIZE - 240 x160 x 65-115 (mm) -  9,5" x 6,3" x 2,5"-5" -230g

FREE CASE - Bring Smartzy™ anywhere in comfort thanks to our soft case

It doesn't interrupt the cooling process, as the hollow design allows natural ventilation without any trouble. Yet, it's totally non-slip and comes with an anti-scratch design.

This is totally created to make it long-lasting and durable enough.

Plus, you can get yours in your favorite color, as you got multiple options to choose from.

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