Work better with Smartzy

Whether you are using the computer to work or study, Smartzy will help you do it better.
Smartzy is made of aluminum and it will lift your computer allowing you to adopt a correct posture.


If you have recently started working from home, then Smartzy is a fundamental accessory for your domestic office. It will allow you to reduce eye strain and thus to work better.

Product focus

Smartzy™ | Portable Laptop Stand
  • Robust

    Made of aluminum with silicone edges to ensure maximum strength and safety

  • Light and portable

    Thanks to Smartzy technology you can comfortably carry this product with you wherever you go.

  • Universal Design

    Compatible with most computers such as macbook pro/air, dell, asus, razer, HP and many others

  • Non-slip design

    with non-slip silicone pads, the stand prevents the laptop from scratches and slipping